Terry Laakso is an artist whose production, in my opinion, is best described with the word respect. The artist always respects his subject and wants to do justice to it.

At times, the atmosphere of Terry's works brings into mind the touch of the renaissance masters. That is because of the colors and the way of combining sensuality and spirituality. The portrayed objects, fruits and shapes often become curious symbols. Seems like the artist wants to show what kind of beauty can be found in the surroundings. At the same time, however, he drags us into his own world, whose secret is never completely solved.

In some of his works the secret can be named: Andalusia. For Terry South of Spain is not only silent monuments but also an inspiring power. Andalusia for him is not only tierra, land, but also modo de ver, the way to look at the world.

Fruits, colors of Southern Spain, decorative subjects and history are all concretely present in his works. They converse lively with one and another. An example of this dialogue is a still-life painting with a glass of wine and a bunch of grapes on the table. On the wall there is a picture of an undressed lady. The black and white picture on the wall breaks the closed world of the composition and opens up the entire room and its ambience to our imagination. The picture on the wall also raises questions and possible interpretations. It gives new meanings to the wine glass and the grapes.

The respect the artist presents is demanding. It requires both technical professionalism and self-respect. In addition to respecting his subjects Terry respects himself; he is faithful to his own point of view. There is love, energy and tireless search for beauty. Respect is both an esthetical attitude and a moral basis.


The artist Terry Laakso has not forgotten Finland and his hometown Turku while living in Spain. From time to time he returns to portray the Finnish topics, dedicating them the same attention as to Andalusia.

In addition to still-life paintings Terry makes portraits, works with bird subjects and landscapes. He considers Rafael Molina, an artist from Malaga, his soul mate. Francisco J.Gómez says that Molina is not simply a realist, but "painter of realities", an aspirer of a subjective world. The same can be said about Terry. He does not become blind even in a familiar environment. Finnish window frames or copper ware and ceramic tiles of Andalusia receive the same attention in Terry's art.

The artist searches the magic that breaths in the history of Andalusian towns. Especially dear to the artist are Malaga, Granada, Sevilla and Cádiz. In these towns Terry can enjoy his two favorite pass-times: History and cafés.

The artist himself cites the author Markku Saksa, saying that cafés are the church of the Spanish way of life. In the cafés of Malaga's old town he is able to breath in the history and listen to the spirits of old buildings.

Terry is a tireless traveler. He explores new places drawing more strength and inspiration from them and returns home charged with experiences.





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Terry Laakso was born in Turku in 1965. In 1985 he knew he would be a painter -a year that in many ways was decisive in his life. He is mainly autochthonous, a fact he considers important.

Nowadays he lives in Malaga, Spain where he has created his own technique and style. The rich, old Spanish culture history of thousand of years has a remarkable place in his art. He likes beautiful things and with his art he wants to make happy people from many generations.

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